What’s YOUR voice?

When is comes to social media, it seems to be a bit of a mine field. Especially for small to medium firms who don’t quite understand what it is they are supposed to be saying, tweeting,liking,sharing or pinning.

One of the most important things i find is understanding your voice. When i say this i don’t mean your actual voice. I mean how your firm speaks in an online arena. For example – Are you an

insurance firm? Well then your voice needs to be calming, informative and factual. Or are you a pop up pizza joint? your voice needs to be jovial, punchy and indulgent.

Understanding your voice is crucial to attract the correct user. Then its just a case of generating content based on what you are saying/writing – in a way that sounds like your firm is actually writing it.

I find that my voice is fairly similar in most of my projects – i like to be jovial, smart and witty. At the end of the day you have 140 characters or less to get your point across. You need to keep the consumer engaged. Be concise. Don’t waffle. So called ‘boring’ brands may/could find it hard to gain traction in a social arena. This is where the smart stuff happens. When you can’t be visual, witty or jovial you have to take a different stance. CONTENT. Relevant content is the key to brand promotion and awareness. Shovelling ‘we sell this, chick here’ down peoples throats, just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Unfollow, Unlike – oh no we’ve lost them. We need to look at this from a different angle. Thats where we come in. Users are smart. They understand who’s good at social and who’s not. We use consumer interaction along with relevant content, written in the correct voice that fits your brand. You yourself might be boring as hell – but your brand needs to be cool, current and off the cuff. Or seen to be.

Don’t be a dinosaur – understand the power of social and get a voice. If not just use ours – its awesome.