Is one social platform harder than another?

In short yes!

What’s the hardest – I would have to say Instagram. Content is a lot easier to write. Where as more visual things are harder to come by. Especially relevant and original visuals. It’s also more time consuming. Even though it’s such a thrill to add a filter. Insta is definitely super powerful and can blow up with in a few weeks – but you have to be smart and keep your finger on the pulse.

Twitter is by far the easiest to manage and to get to grips with. Easy to analyse and a quick fire tool for brand presence and awareness. Plus it’s super easy to share your Twitter content on other social platforms such as Facebook.

Facebook is also fairly easy and straight forward – but also has quite a few options – should I be doing that or this? Agh this is annoying me now – ok let’s just leave it! are we a page? Where do I like that from? How do I make sure that doesn’t come up on my news feed?

Analytics are good and informative but brands have restrictions. This can be really frustrating. We don’t like restrictions – we just want to post whatever content we like, when we like.

Thanks Twitter we love you the most x