Hallelujah Instagram, about time.

Something that’s been available on the likes of Twitter forever (OK, maybe we’re exaggerating, but you get the point) is an ability to have multiple profiles on one device so users can easily switch between accounts. Finally, Instagram have announced that from the beginning of February 2016, their users will also be able to switch between accounts with ease.

Rumours had been rife since November, when Instagram confirmed it had started testing the new feature. Some users even saw the feature go live in their app. By this point it’s fair to say that Buzz HQ was, well, buzzing with excitement.

This will save a huge amount of time for anyone who has more than one Instagram account, whether you just have a personal and business account or you manage a large number of accounts for others. No more logging in and out eating up precious time.

And you may be surprised to hear that this update isn’t just going to help people with business Instagram accounts or social media managers. It’s actually quite common for teenagers and 20-somethings to have multiple accounts – one which they show to the world, commonly known as a ‘rinsta’ (real Instagram) account and one which they show only to a select few, known as a ‘finsta’ (fake Instagram) account. The main difference is the ‘rinsta’ photos are much more polished versions of themselves they want the world to see, whereas the ‘finsta’ photos are, ironically, much more ‘real’ versions of themselves. ‘Finsta’ photos could include things such as drunk photos or inside jokes between friends.

Enabling multiple profile switching could potentially even increase use of the app itself, something which we’ll keep our beady Buzz eyes on.

A neat little add on available on version 7.15 of Instagram for Android and iOS will mean that once you’ve added your multiple accounts to your Instagram, your profile photo will appear in various different places throughout the app so you’ll always know which profile you’re currently using.

There’s no longer any need for complex, time consuming systems to enable you to (try to) switch between different Instagram profiles.

According to Instagram’s website, you can also receive push notifications in this feature for any account that has them turned on.

We love Instagram and its 400 million monthly active users (more than even Twitter) would seem to agree. Visuals are an important way to reach your customers and Instagram is definitely a great place to start.

Here at Buzz HQ we have been celebrating non-stop since receiving the news. And by celebrating we mean playing a game of ping pong in our lunch breaks. We honestly couldn’t be happier.

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